Dr. Lonnie G. Johnson

Founder and President

Throughout his career as a scientist and engineer, Lonnie Johnson has been driven by a desire to push the envelope of technology. Whenever told “it can’t be done,” his unfailing reply has been “Why not?” He has extensive experience in the high technology environment, and holds over 80 issued patents (with an additional 20 pending) on a wide range of technologies. In his 19 years with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Air Force, he served as a senior systems engineer on multiple space based programs including the Galileo Mission to Jupiter, the Cassini Mission to Saturn, the Mars Observer project, and the Air Force stealth bomber program. Dr. Johnson is also founder and president of Johnson Research and Development Co., Inc., where he has developed products for the consumer market. His success in this area is exemplified by his invention, the Super Soaker® water gun, which has generated almost $1 billion in retail sales. Dr. Johnson holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MS degree in Nuclear Engineering, and a PhD in Science from Tuskegee University.

Anthony C. Pace

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Pace has over 20 years of high-tech electronics development and manufacturing experience. Formerly with GEC-Marconi Avionics, Mr. Pace was responsible for the planning and operational control of strategic business units involved in aircraft electronics, including participation in the world’s first interactive in-flight video equipment, the world’s first CO2 laser rangefinder, the world’s first automobile heads-up display, and several other projects. During his tenure with Texas Instruments, he was responsible for development and production of various electronics products for military applications. Mr. Pace holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a dual MBA (Finance and Management) from Georgia State University.


A U.S. based technology company, is introducing innovative and enabling energy storage technology.


Our team has been hard at work on the JTEC, my invention that turns heat into electricity. I am very excited about JTEC’s potential and am grateful that other people see that too! via @AtlantaInno

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